Who is Who in International Business in Cyprus
Online and offline meetings, get-together events, business introductions and international communication. 700+ executives of 20+ nationalities.
Business Leaders in Cyprus
This private club founded by Natalia Kardash with the aim to provide a platform for her personal business network to meet online or offline on a regular basis.
Three Divisions of this Business Club
There are three club bodies: Cyprus Business Network in LinkedIn (CBNL), International Business Executives' Board (IBEB), and Economic Diplomacy Council (EDC).

Ms. Kardash runs CBNL pro-bono. This group unites her personal network, participation is complimentary to all people she knows in person. IBEB and EDC members pay an annual fee.

Activities of the Club:
- Business and social events open for members (all levels membership);
- Networking with local and international business leaders (IBEB and EDC members);
- Presentations on current research and developments as well as on any "hot" subjects which of concern to business community (IBEB and EDC members);
- Q&As sessions with key people such as ministers, ambassadors, mayors, representatives of public and business sector, experts in different areas, municipal and local organizations, tax & economic advisors/experts and many others (IBEB and EDC members);
- Get together breakfasts/lunches/dinners (EDC members only);
- Bonus: members of EDC and IBEB have 20% discount for all events organised by Vestnik Kipra Group as well as for PR, communication and advertising services of the Group.

SBL Club Members
The Successful Business Leaders' Club consists solely of individuals whom the Founder knows personally and works with through one of her business projects.

EDC members are shareholders, founders, presidents, CEOs and business leaders of multi-million businesses with international interests. All members live in Cyprus and meet in person. This part of the club access is "by invitation only", Ms. Kardash invites 2-6 new people per month to join this part of the club.

IBEB members are leaders and senior executives of local and international business (in Cyprus and abroad). At the moment, 80% of members live in Cyprus. Board members meet online, such meetings are included into the annual membership fee. For an extra fee, IBEB members can also join some offline events of the Club.

CBNL members are business people, academics, entrepreneurs from different countries. At the moment there are 700+ members from 18 countries in this network. A private group in LinkedIn serves as a library of contacts and helps to meet online more and more people. Every working day Ms. Kardash introduces one new member to this group .

The Successful Business Leaders' Club has connections and regular online meetings with other private clubs in Europe. While in Cyprus, members of those clubs enjoy the same benefits as IBEB members.

For more information contact Ms. Lusine Mirzoyan, SBLC Director
Tel: +357 25 590530, Mob: 99 195 493, email: vk@vkcyprus.com