International Business Club in Cyprus
100+ executives from 23 countries
(85% of Club's members live in Cyprus)
  • Online and Offline
  • 100+ Leaders
  • 23 Nationalities
  • 37 Areas of Expertise

Online and Offline meetings and events

The Club comprises of two bodies: the International Business Executives' Board (IBEB) and the Economic Diplomacy Council (EDC).

The Club provides various activities for members at both levels, including:
  • Online events and in-person meetings between members.
  • Online and offline networking opportunities with local and international business leaders
  • Members are required to pay an annual fee, which differs for IBEB and EDC. As a bonus, both categories receive a 20% discount for all events organized by the Vestnik Kipra Group, as well as for the Group's PR, communication, and advertising service
In addition, EDC members receive the following benefits:
  • Offline events (meetings with foreign and local guests, ministers, ambassadors, mayors, presentations, company visits, and discussions on current research and developments).
  • Get-together breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in small groups of 6-8 people.
  • Informal in-person events for groups of 12-20 people.

SBL Club Members

The Successful Business Leaders' Club is an exclusive organization that consists of individuals personally known to the Founder, and who have worked with her on one of her business projects.

IBEB members comprise leaders and senior executives of both local and international businesses, both in Cyprus and abroad. Currently, over 85% of members reside in Cyprus. Board members meet online and offline, and all these meetings are included in the annual membership fee. IBEB Membership is available to any company leader, provided he/she is a client of Vestnik Kipra or a personal contact of Ms. Kardash.
EDC members are high-ranking business leaders, including shareholders, founders, presidents, CEOs, and other influential figures, whose businesses have multi-million euro interests on an international scale and representation outside of Cyprus. All members reside in Cyprus and meet in person. Membership in this part of the Club is "by invitation only".
Third Anniversary of SBL Club

In 2024 the Club celebrated its third year. Over these years, it has grown not just in numbers, but in the richness of experiences and the diversity of interactions between Club's members and other contacts of Natalia Kardash, business club's founder.
For 100+ business owners from 23 countries the Successful Business Leaders' Club became a place of inspiration, trust, and quality communication.